The Way We Dress is a Portrait of Ourselves

Fashion, would of course be the first topic to introduce our blog!
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Let’s get right into the depths of the topic. The characters we inhibit in our everyday look is so crucial to who we are. Who am I? Does my outfit depict my character? TOTALLY! It sure does. The way we dress has a transformative power that empowers us on a daily level.

The relationship you have with the garments you choose to wear is pure affection for who you are. The clothing hanging in your closet is the information you give without having to speak and with each piece picked out daily, you show the adventures of YOUR story. Yes, you have a story. Your own Wonderland!

Our choice in style manifests as an extension of ourselves. We are not always aware of this, and so here I am to bring it to your attention! 

Clothing is so much more than just a constructed piece (s) of fabric. It is a reflection of YOUR personality. Clothing is the motivation to make you feel certain ways and explore the different sides of you. Changing your clothes alters your mood. Have you ever woke up and felt like a complete wreck? Yes. We all have. Then suddenly you see that one dress that flatters your figure… you smile… and you put it on. You then put on your favorite ballerina flats. Accessorize a bit. Magical. Oh, so magical! Your mood is changing and suddenly you don’t feel like a wreck anymore. For some people its comfort that drives them to feel amazing and for some people it is the opposite. Whatever it is, whatever you feel happy in, you are speaking without having to speak when you dress up. You are creating an honest portrait of yourself.

You have this playful side to you as a woman, then you have this side where you're more contained. “How do I feel when I put this on?” Each outfit speaks, whether it's a day to be effortless, a day to be more playful, a day to be more about work, a day full of errands, a day to spend at home, or a day full of so many different activities all in one. The outfits you wear during those times are all a key to your personality and who you are. It is a reflection of your mood. They are all different facets of you.

When I was a kid, I remember the struggle of deciding what to wear to school each day. I had my own personal style and it was there, in my closet. But, the strive to choose what I wanted to wear each day was not easy. Everyday I had to think of what message I wanted to portray with my outfit. It was fun for me and still is a huge part of my life. Experimenting with fashion by mixing and matching my clothing pieces is how I discover myself everyday. Color, patterns, and texture- reveals in depth definition of my personality and style.

I wear clothing that is colorful when I want to stand out and be observed. I have a total freedom look-peaceful & calm. With this look I am at peace, flexible with my routine of the day. It makes me feel like a kid. I can run, I can play. And then I have a very powerful look- a sophisticated look- the outfits I wear to date night or events. I feel very elegant, powerful, and make an impression in a different way. I express the other side of me as a woman.

 I control what I want to say about myself with every look. I wear things that represent myself like how an artist represents himself or herself through the paint on the canvas. You do too. Every single day. What you wear is your canvas! Dress for yourself and let it speak!-This I believe.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog!



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