Alisa Tovmanyan

Alisa Tovmanyan

Alisa in Tovmali Wonderland

      Fashion designer, Alisa Tovmanyan, began designing from her love of fashion and affection with colors and texture. 

She made a career out of her passion and was able to achieve her dream of designing her own collection. 

Alisa began illustrating at the age of 4 with guidance from her grandfather and sewing dresses for her barbies at the age of 6 with guidance from her grandmother. 

“My grandmother knew how much I love texture, and she would always bring me leftovers of fabric that her friend used for sewing, so I could explore the world of texture. I always ended up sewing dresses for my barbies,” said Alisa. 

Growing up, Alisa’s interest in fashion deepened and evolved even more. 

She has always been interested in outfits that women wear around her, paying close attention to details in their garments. 

“I love fashion so much that throughout school, I would always read fashion books over the assigned readings,” said Alisa. 

As a designer, Alisa combines sophistication, ease and “super-chicness” in her designs. She loves elaborate, personality flattering, feminine yet fun pieces. She loves the idea of elegance and intricacy, and she is never afraid to make a bold statement or try something new. 

“I find it crucial that the silhouette of the outfit fits the woman’s body type with fun and intricate details,” said Alisa. 

After studying a year in business school and taking marketing classes at Woodbury University, Alisa then graduated with the degree in Fashion Design.

She was chosen by the University to show her first collection at Vancouver Fashion Week in 2015. 

The faculty chose Alisa’s Collection for its strength and cohesiveness: she paid close attention to fine details, textile, appliqué, color, culture, and intricacy.  

Upon graduating, she took a break from fashion and shifted her focus on their flower business, creating  J’adore Les Fleurs,  a Los Angeles based flower boutique, which combines both fashion and flower worlds. Alisa’s first design with her brand Tovmali was inspired by her flower boutique. 

Tovmali - is Alisa’s very own ready-to-wear fashion line, where she creates colorful designs with a feminine silhouette.

“Just knowing how our customers get happy receiving a JLF flower box made me want to create something that would make women happy for a long time, so they could wear their favorite flowers and admire them all the time,” said Alisa. 

The signature JLF Fleur Tees represent the brand's feminine and playful design philosophy.

The Tovmali Girl lives in a contemporary fairytale wherever she is, changing the perception of fashion anywhere she goes. Her style combines freshness with a classical twine. 

She is not afraid to be bold and add her own twist of fun to her femininity, and her playful character. Her outfits are as cheerful, colorful, and eccentric, as her personality!To her, fashion is an adventure, most importantly,  it is a way to express who she truly is by what she wears.

She is a dreamer and allows herself to express her heart's content through her choice of clothing. She emphasizes her fresh, feminine, and cultural individuality. Her outfits encourage other women to live as colorful and feminine as she is. 

“When designing, I’m inspired by the personality, colors, seams, intricate details, and shapes. Each of my designs, focus on flattering a women's personality and life.”

 Alisa’s technical knowledge of a garment’s proper fit and design, combined with her innate creative abilities, results in an effortless and wearable line that reflect the kind of woman she is herself;
Feminine, Playful, & Posh!